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Live TV on laptop

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Live TV on laptop

I have not been able to access live tv feeds on my mobile device. Either the audio is heard on a black screen or a message appears that I don't have a subscription to the channel. I do have subscriptions to every channel that is denying me access. Also, when lookin at the live schedule, the information is an hour behind. So, the programming (if it worked) wouldn't be live. All of the recorded programming works fine. This has been going on for 10 days. I spoke to tech support and they went through their menu. Didn't help. I was told that 2nd level was busy but they would contact me within two hours. Didn't happen. I pay a lot for comcast and typically I'm satified but this is more than frustrating.

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Re: Live TV on laptop

Close out the app from your mobile device make sure your on your home wifi and make sure you closed out the app in your phone and try again.