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Getting 12012 error in stream app

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Getting 12012 error in stream app

Ok, just to set this up:
1 I’ve reinstalled the app, the phone, the computer, and chrome browser and can’t stream any channel whether live or tvgo.

2 I can see all the stations and shows in the guide, but I can’t watch them because of an error of no subscription to that channel please try another.

3 I’ve just had a tech come out and tell me I have a degraded signal going to the cable box and we haven’t resolved that yet. (Landlord issues) but should this even make a difference?

4 I’m always connected to the xfi WiFi at home. And internet works great.

5 the account has been refreshed everyday since about 12/21 when I turned on tv service.

6 other tv streaming apps work great with the xfinity provider login although I don’t think this really means anything.

That’s it. Sorry for the numbered list it’s the easiest way to do this for me.