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Comcast Features Just Keep Disappearing

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Comcast Features Just Keep Disappearing

In the last few months Comcast removed at least three useful features that I used daily, without any interaction with their customers.


WeatherScan - GONE

Decisions to remove WeatherScan didn't even consider us, the customer, before removing.


Schedule / Record Shows from your Xfinity Streaming App - GONE

Comcast legal should have known long ago if there was a potential legal issue giving us the schedule/record options on a remote app.


Remote Control "B" Option to watch program while browsing the guide - GONE

Not sure why the control "B" option was removed.


Solutions from Comcast:

Use the Comcast Weather App for local weather that doesn't compare to the WeatherScan LIVE doppler updates.

Use "On Demand" as a replacement to schedule/record from Comcast streaming apps.  Of course, we all probably know that most shows you watch On Demand doesn't allow fast forwarding.


Perhaps some correspondance with your paying customers would be nice before abruptly terminating useful programs and features.  It's frustrating to say the least and another "nudge" to consider an alternative source for entertainment in the near future.