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App Device Limit and way to deauthorize?

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App Device Limit and way to deauthorize?

Suddenly I am having trouble with my iphones and ipads and ability to stream or watch DVR on one of my iphones.  First the Iphone could watch recorded DVR, but was unable to stream live TV even though no other devices were streaming.  The "watch" button on Out Of Home stations were gray.  So, I deleted app and resigned in.  NOW I can stream live TV, but the shows I have recorded on the DVR do not show up at all (although they do show up on my other devices).  Odd. 


So, I figured i must be a  limit, but the limit is confusing.  Seems I can have unlimited streaming devices authorized as long as streaming live on only one, yes?  But seems might be a five device limit to watch DVR (not download to my iphone, but to stream DVR over wifi).  Not sure.  So I went to the Comcast sight to try to deauthorize some other devices to see if fix issue, but there does not seem to really be that ability (seems you can deauthorize devices that have downloaded maybe?).  


Is there a device limit to stream DVR and/or live TV?  Why do you think this one Iphone 6 can't see the DVR shows (but all other devices signed in on same account can)?  The DVR page even shows the 60% of DVR space used (which is correct, as all my other devices say same percentage but all show the shows recorded)  but it says no shows have been recorded.  I waited all day to see if needed to sync or something, but still blank.  


Any help?