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Hello Comcast/Xfinity people:  Good morning.  Did you know that Apple has downloaded an APP that cannot be removed for "TV PROVIDER"!!!  I called them about this since its something that takes up space and is on Ipad Air 2 and others.  I think this is a bad idea and rather insulting the Provider we already have!!!  Many of us are very happy with Xfinity's content and programming, and some of us  also use Roku or Amazon devices.  This app is trying to send you to a different company (OTHER THAN COMCAST), and they did this without the consent of the owner of the iPad et al.  ***I think twice before ever downloading their updates, all the time since I found them to be questionable.  I think they know that many of us feel that way - caution is the first thought.  Instead they downloaded this APP without your knowledge or consent.  JFI



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