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"Getting your account set up" Issue & Mystery Username Associated w/ Account

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"Getting your account set up" Issue & Mystery Username Associated w/ Account



I put a lot background on this, but the issues themselves are summarized at the end.

It seems like I'm not the only one with this issue, but there's an odd twist to it too.



Since my service started in October, I have not been able to access my account online or on the app.

When I do login, the message is something to the effect of "Thank you for your Purchase [...] Your account is  being set up" and the app just errors out.


I tried to resolve this by going to a local xFinity store, however they were not able to. In fact I believe they may have made this more confusing/difficult as it now appears that there are two usernames linked to my account.


The username I created when I purchased the service and is linked to my e-mail address and phone number and then another username (which contains a misspelling of my own name) that was created by Comcast at some point (possibly when I tried to resolve this issue in store).


I have no idea what the password is for the mystery account and when I do try to reset the password for that it errors out after I verify my address. Regardless this isn't the account I signed up with and does not connect to that username when I log in with either my e-mail or phone number.


I called support during the week and was connected with (I believe) a local call center that was very helpful, was able to understand the issue, and was nearly able to resolve it (I did not have my account number and when our call had finished, I was able to contact billing to request it, it was past 9:00pm). If I recall correctly they would have to do a full account reset as it's not linked.


When I was able to contact billing and follow up it was through an overseas call center and while they tried to support, we were not able to reach an understanding on the issue and it ultimately came down to "reset your password," which is not the issue at hand.




1a) Per the "My Account" Screen, my account is still not set-up and I cannot access my bill

1b) The username, phone number, and e-mail address I used when I purchased the service should be what is linked. When I login with my phone number & e-mail it's connected to this username.

2a) There is a second username that I did not set up (that has a misspelling of my own name in it) that I do not want associated with my account

2b) I do not know the password for this account and even when I attempt to reset it it fails.

3) Being unable to access my bill because of this issue likely means I'm going to have a past due charge



What has to be done to set up the account and ensure it's linked to correct username?

Is there an ideal number (and perhaps time) to contact Comcast to receive support from someone knowledgable with these issues?