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Verifying my phone number

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Verifying my phone number

I currently have an "on Demand " XFINITY WIRELESS  prepaid 30 day plan running in my apartment, and my computer is running fine. 


I just tried to verify my email address , I entered it, did the Captcha,  the system sent me the  8 digit verification code . I came back and entered it, but it "didn't match their records".   Even though I used that email address to start the account! 


The system also still is not recognizing my phone number. I just tried TWICE to Identify via SMS code to my phone, came back and still it didn't "Match the records". 


(It said on one of your pages that Xfinity will "call you" to verify  your I.D.  In 2-3 days.   in the system when they receive your payment.  I never got called. )


The screen is still stuck on "Thanks for your Payment! We are setting up your services " (but it's running fine). 


How can I prompt the folks at Xfinity WIRELESS ON DEMAND to either call me, or send me a workable PIN?   Thanks.