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Somebody make it make sense to me!


Somebody make it make sense to me!

I wanted to lend my services to a friend who was suffering from job loss due to Covid-19.

I created a restricted account for them which is only supposed to be limited to services only as the description states. When I logged in to make sure everything was right with the account before I handed off the login credentials to him, long behold, it isn't as restricted as it stated it would be. There should be no reason why a "restricted account (that's limited to services only)", should have access to sensitive information like serial numbers, addresses, and parts of the account number!

What for?! They're not able to troubleshoot or access billing information, there's no need for them to be able to see this information!

I spent TWO of my precious resting hrs for work tonight trying to explain this so the issue could be resolved and it has went nowhere!