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Where is the innovation for XFINITY home?


Where is the innovation for XFINITY home?

Recently I got an email saying that Stringify (the IFTTT-like product bought by Comcast) was shutting down to “focus on XFINITY” Please tell me there is something new in the pipeline soon for XFINITY home?

I’m out of contract now and the lack of innovation on home is abyssmal. Not only was the legacy rules engine taken away and the number of devices reduced, but the “new rules come soon” in the app has largely been a lie, esp if you use ecosystem partners like Lutron (want to turn on a light if there is motion? Can’t if it’s lutron) or Chamberlain (want to turn on a light when the garage door goes up? Can’t do it with installing wireless sensors).

Basically the main thing you had going for you was that you could take over my old alarm panel. But at this point, there are other options that can do that.

Give me some hope here?
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Re: Where is the innovation for XFINITY home?

norstar, thanks for your feedback here. I've had a few folks on the forums provide additional feedback on the legacy rules. If you need help with that, I can reach out to tech ops to have that done for you in the meantime. 


I don't have news right now on what's coming up for XFINITY Home but I do know we are working on expanding some of our current partnerships and adding more soon ( 


I know that sounded pretty vague but that's what I'm hearing for now. I've alerted my leadership about the growing concern of the XFINITY Home products here. 




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