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Water notification counts as alarm?

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Water notification counts as alarm?

Whenever a water sensor goes off, Xfinity Home considers this an alarm and my rules for alarms fire off every time.  For example, I have a rule that says turn on all my lights during an alarm and when the water sensor goes off, it triggers this rule.  Even if the system is not armed...


The sensor is set to 24-hour notification and that is the only option on the sensor I can see.  There should be an option where the water sensor is notification only and does not trigger as an alarm...


Workaorund is to turn off my rules for dedicating an alarm...but this defeats the purpose of the rules then..

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Re: Water notification counts as alarm?

Hi there, computeronix15. 


I can help by looking into this further. If we find a solution, I will post it here for other customers who might have the same issues. 

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