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Text Message Wording

I have a notification rule that sends me a text message whenever the motion sensor in the shed goes off.  My old rule sent me a text that said 'motion has been detected in the shed'.  When I set up a new rule for the same sensor, I get 'motion has been detected in your house'.  I don't see a way to change the wording.  Any advice?

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Re: Text Message Wording

Hi Bamabulldog!


At this time, our Motion Notifications don't support including the specifc sensor name that tripped - just that there was motion detected in the home.  Once you see there was motion, you can use the Xfinity Home App to see the recent activity, including the name of the sensor - but I know that's not an ideal solution in some cases.


An enhanmecment request was previously sent to our engineers, so I'll send the reqeust back up and hopefully we can get that notification updated in the future!


With that said, I'm a problem solver and was able to figure out a workaround to accomplish what you would like to do.  It's pretty complex though (not too difficult, just a lot of steps!) and might not work depending on a couple of factors on your end.  If you're like me and would like to give it a shot though, I'll be happy to outline the process I used - just send me a Private Message. Smiley Happy

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Re: Text Message Wording

Add me to the list of people who want to identify the specific sensor in any text.  How hard can that be?