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No recording but rule is set

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No recording but rule is set

Why do I have rules set to record when motion is detected, but I have no recordings? Some jerks threw my garbage cans all over the place today and I have no record of it!!!

And why, when I try to chat, does it give me the error that my phone number is not valid, yet there is no box requesting a phone number??????



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Re: No recording but rule is set


Hi ihatexfnity, I can address your camera concerns here. The object or person must be within the sensors range to detect any movement, please make sure your settings are set properly and your camera is in range of the area in question. Also you may have to repair your camera if your equipment is offline, please click on this link for more information on how to perform this task. If you need further assistance with your camera please reach back out to me here. 

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Re: No recording but rule is set

What are you using to determine motion?  A motion sensor or are you trying to use a camera?  If a sensor are you sure that it is caputuring motion?  You can test by seeing if the red light goes on.

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Re: No recording but rule is set

have the same problem, regardless of old rules or new rules, motion detection shows the red light, battery status is ok. Looks like with your "new" system you create more problems.