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LIght Randomization

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LIght Randomization

My Lutron Caseta app has a 'Smart Away' function that will randomly turn lights on and off to make it appear that someone is home. Does Xfinity Home (which recognized and controls the Caseta lights) have this feature? I'd like to be able to create a rule that will enable the Smart Away when I arm my security in 'Away' mode.

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Re: LIght Randomization

On the very old X10 systems (20 yrs ago) they would have a similar system which would turn on/off lights with +/- 15 minute range when checked. Worked brilliantly. 


I hope Xfinity is willing to do something similar.

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Re: LIght Randomization

We don't quite have that feature, although we are going to be adding additional rules in the future!


You can, however, accomplish something similar though without too much additional effort.  From your XFINITY Home Mobile App (for Android or iOS), visit the Automation tab and click the Plus to add a new Rule.  More information on how to do that is here.


Select the Template to "Turn my Lights on or Off."  Select a start time, which lights you want to be affected by the rule, and the option to turn off after a set amount of time (1 Hour is the default, but you could choose something random such as 47 minutes)


You then have the option of having the rule execute only when the Security System is in Armed Away mode.


You can create multiple rules... so for example, if I chose to have a rule execute at 6:10 PM, and for the lights to turn off after 20 minutes, I could create another rule to have them turn back on at 8:05pm and then off after 45 minutes.


If you wanted to get really specific, you could create various rules to execute on only certain days of the week.  While not as easy as a true "randomized" opton like you're looking for, it only took me a few minutes to create several rules which will appear to be random.


Hope that helps!

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