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Ecobee Automation (why HOLD?)

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Ecobee Automation (why HOLD?)

I have Xfinity Home and an Ecobee 3 Thermostat, which has schedules to set confort settings. I am using Xfinity home automation to change confort setting to Away and Home, based on Home/Away Alarm status. The change is happening, but Xfinity is not only setting the confort Setting but also setting is to HOLD, which disrupt the ecobee schedule (example, when I arrive home at night and disarm Xfinity Home, automation sets Ecobee to Home and HOLD, so If I do not change ECOBEE confort setting, it will never change to SLEEP confort setting. 


Xfinity Home app can change confort settings and Hold status at Ecobee sirectly from the app, so how can the automation rule change from Hold AWAY/HOME to just AWAY or HOME without Holding ?


If it works on the app it whould work on automation, right ?