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Automation Lacking Features

You locked my post? So I am replying to this response below:

Hi jdnasser -- Thank you for sharing your feedback about the Home Security App. We do not have any plans at this time to connect Xfinity Home to IFTTT or SmartThings. We are continuing to look at expanding our Works with Xfinity compatible device list to allow customer to have a wider array of products that work with our Xfinity Home service. 


- What is the reasoning for not connecting to IFTTT? Is there plans to connect to Stringify? As you know there is an applet for Comcast Labs on IFTTT so you are already a half step in. As well as you are rolling out new features with Stringify.

- Can we petition that you do connect to IFTTT or similar? The devices that are availiable to work with Xfinity Home are limited. While other services easily connected to have thousands of options.