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Alexa and Xfinity Home Security

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Alexa and Xfinity Home Security

Previous to Xfinity Home, I had an ATP Security service which was connected to Alexa. I could say things like "Alexa, set the alarm" or "Alexa, turn off alarm." When my contract was over with ATP, I switched to Xfinity. I took it for granted that Xfinity Home could do the same. But it seems not to be possible even through a third party hub. Here is my question:


How can I set or unset the alarm with a voice command?


I know I can do it with the remote, but I might as well go to the panel if I need to find the remote and turn the TV on. I have echos all over the house, so this would be my preferred method. I can lock/unlock doors, open curtains, turn on TV, and so on.  I can even control channels through Alexa by using a Harmony hub. But the security system remains an unconnected island due to what appear to be significant technical deficiencies in the product. Can it be done with the Amazon echo? If not directly with Alxa skills, perhaps some other way? (The Harmony enables Comcast TV functions, but not the security system.) If not, can it be done with another device? Or does Comcast believe that talking to a remote should be adaquete to its customers?


The difficulty in connecting the security system to third party vendor devices is giving me the impression that Comcast security services are a bit behind the times. If I cannot figure this out soon, I will  need switch back to ATP. This is a major short coming in Comcast's security system in my opinion.

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Re: Alexa and Xfinity Home Security

At this time, it’s not possible.

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