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24/7 Recording hasn't worked in Months

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24/7 Recording hasn't worked in Months

So I'm going to give a breakdown of EVERYTHING that has been done-
I have had 2 technicians come out to try to fix what I have been told is a service outage (pretty much every since I got it in April)
I've had my camera replaced, set rules, router is working, touch screen is working, talked to a tier 2 agent, everything is turned on how it should be as far as the recording (in app, the touch screen, and also from a desktop computer), and it's still not working. Is there STILL and outage? Why does it seem like I'm the only customer being effected by this so called "outage"?
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Re: 24/7 Recording hasn't worked in Months

Live in Houston and have not had any issues.  May seem like a dumb question but have you turned on 24/7 recording using the app or web portal by clicking on the setting icon of the camera and then turning the recording on? Is so then there is something on Comcasts side where they don't have you set up correctly.