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ANSWERED: What is Xfinity Mobile?


As of May 16, we’re beginning the introduction of our new XFINITY Mobile service to our XFINITY Internet customers.


XFINITY Mobile is a new wireless service designed for the way people use their phones today, with the Internet and data at the center of the experience.

XFINITY Mobile combines America’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network along with Comcast’s 16 million WiFi hotspots to provide customers with a better wireless experience, for less money, on today’s most popular devices.


XFINITY Mobile is available as part of our XFINITY Internet service and includes:

  • Up to five lines of service with no line access fees
  • Unlimited nationwide talk and text
  • 100MB of 4G LTE data per month – shared across all lines
  • Data options that are simple and affordable, allowing customers to pay By the Gig or for Unlimited data on each of their lines:
    • By the Gig– $12 per GB of 4G LTE data is shared across all lines on an account each month.
    • Unlimited – The ability to consume all the 4G LTE data you want for one set price of $45 per month (limited time offer); regular price is $65 per month.

To sign up for the service and learn more about the value that XFINITY Mobile offers, customers can now visit or call 1-888-936-4968    . XFINITY Mobile will also be available at our XFINITY Stores soon.




**UPDATE 07/11/17**:

Effective today, July 11, the XFINITY Mobile Protection Plan is now open for enrollment. When a customer purchases a new Android or Apple device through XFINITY Mobile, they can enroll in the plan to protect their device(s) against accidental damage, hardware issues, loss and theft.


Please note that the XFINITY Mobile Protection Plan will typically be made available to customers only upon purchase. However, from now until August 11, XFINITY Mobile customers who purchased their devices prior to launch of the Protection Plan will also be able to enroll.





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