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"J Status" Modem

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"J Status" Modem

Apparantly I purchased a stolen modem. Comcast won't activate it for me. It came new in package from the retailer. The retailer says it's new. Comcast said it was stolen. I filed a complaint through the BBB with the company I bought it from and they said they would accept a return if I got a letter from Comcast stating the modem was stolen. I figured this was a reasonable request--just some proof that the modem is/was in fact, stolen.

But I have been to my local store, on the phone with 3-4 different departments and like 20 different people who all have different answers and keep sending me to another dead end. What on earth do I have to do to get Comcast to just say, in writing, "Your modem was stolen!"  Is that unreasonable? I have NO proof that it was stolen for myself, just the word of the company and the refusal to activate my modem or provide a letter so I can return it. 

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Re: "J Status" Modem



The Comcast Team available to the Forums has been alerted to your issue. Expect a reply in this thread or via Private Message.

The Support Forums are "public" forums and you should not post identifiable information (full name, account number, address, phone numbers & email addresses).  Users of these forums are Comcast customers,the same as you & me and volunteer their time to assist with the issues and/or problems that you may be experiencing.  Please ensure your post is in the correct Forum to begin with.  Please do not send me Private Messages for personal help but instead use the Forums to allow everyone to read and offer comments to assist you.  Comcast employees are identified with RED lettered User Names.


Re: "J Status" Modem

This is a rather strange situation. A retailer should not be asking you to provide proof that we are unable to add the modem in order to be able to return it. That by itself seems off that they would ask this of you when they should allow you to return it. We unfortunately have no way of sending a letter showing that the equipment is stolen, since often times the equipment might be tied to an address on a different state or personal information might be attached to the mac. This results in a security risk for the previus customer and as result we are unable to do it. I have never seen a customer have issues returning a modem for this reason. We could have our security team look into this for you. Can you send me a private message with the details of the retailer? Also as a side note, if the equipment is for voice service there are only 2 retail devices available. One is the TG862 and the other is TM722 if the device you have is not one of those then we would be unable to add it regardless if its stolen or not.  -FC 

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Re: "J Status" Modem

The modem was sold to me as new, new in the package. That is why the retailer is questioning Comcast saying it is stolen. They just want a letter that says "this modem is stolen." I would like some proof too, because I haven't seen anything. All the information I have is a person on a telephone telling me my modem was stolen. No email, nothing written, no evidence. As far as I know, I opened up a brand new modem, tried to install it, and Comcast was like "oh that won't work, you can buy our exclusive 200 dollar modem or rent one from us." When I ask why it won't work, the modem was stolen, it was destroyed in a fire, it was resold by someone who rented one from Comcast, it was stolen inventory from a Comcast Warehouse... all different answers depending on who I talk to. I just want a written statement with NO PRIVATE INFORMATION that says the modem I was trying to activate was the original property of Comcast. 

The modem I bought is a TM 722 and it is approved for Comcast and Voice. I have talked to about 20 different people and the legal department. The legal team said "I don't know why they sent you here we don't deal with that kind of thing." Each person I talked to about getting a letter about the stolen modem told me I would be able to obtain a letter and they would pass me along to another department that took care of that kind of thing. And I got passed along from person to person until I ended up in the last person being confused (like the legal department) or just never getting back to me (the Comcast store employee). 

The MAC address can be linked to private information? It's displayed on the outside of new in package modems at stores like Best Buy. Why would they do that if you can get sensitive information?