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annonymous call reject

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annonymous call reject

When the the anonymous call reject tell the caller that the call is reject in term of after how many rings?


Is the caller reject sent between the 1st & 2nd ring when the call-id indicate that it is a 'private number' or is the msg sent after the number of rings for cdv answering pickup?  And will my phone stop ringing when the call reject is sent?


Just trying to see if the annonymous call reject would work with the way I want my setup to have in that I use my phone's answering system to answer the phone always on the 2nd ring (currently) & I will only pickup the phone when I know who is calling & identified as a "legitimate" caller.

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Re: annonymous call reject

If you have anon call rejection - you should never even hear the phone ring from callers who it rejects.


The phone should not ring at all on your side, and on theirs it should not ring, but will instead give them a "This caller does not accept private calls" message


hope this helps!

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Re: annonymous call reject

That's what *should* happen.. In my case (with Anonymous Call Reject set) I was getting calls that showed nothing on the caller ID screen at all (as well as 000-000-0000 & 001-000-0000), so I went back into my settings and turned off, then reenabled Anonymous Call Reject just to be sure. Two days later I got a call and the caller ID showed "anonymous"!


Note: I realize that some businesses like debt collectors and solicitors may use whatever technical tricks that are available to fool/get around call blocking/anonymous call rejection features, so the fact that I still got a blank caller ID screen even though Anonymous Call Rejection was enabled isn't necessarily a failure of that Comcast feature.


But getting calls 'ID'd' as "Anonymous" despite the Anonymous Call Reject being enabled does raise some questions!




Is the feature malfunctioning?


Is my enabling the feature (via web UI) *actually* 'enabling' it?


Is this particular caller/business somehow getting around Comcast's technology?



- I was planning to call Comcast technical support when I stumbled upon this thread. I figured I'd reply to this post and see if others are experiencing the same issue(s). If I should start a separate thread please let me know and I will. I'll most likely still have to engage a tech support rep when I have a few minutes.



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Re: annonymous call reject



1.  There is nothing to stop someone from changing the CID name to "Anonymous" for their call.  Or "Anonymous Tom", etc.  Those might still get through because they aren't actually identified as 'anonymous' in the system.


2.  Regarding the invalid HTML message, I get that every time I use modified text in a post here.  Just re-bold and re-italicize the text in the error window and it will re-post properly.  I have no idea why it does that...

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Re: annonymous call reject



That's what I figured... I wish there were 'filters' I could set for calls (like there are for email). Either that or a [truly] effective solution for CDV to employ against these calls! Why even offer a feature like Anonymous Call Reject if it's not effective?


Anyway, thanks for your response.

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Re: annonymous call reject

So has there still been no resolution to the problem of the 000-000-0000 calls?  I just started receiving these within the past month or so, and I'm sick of it,