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No VM and can't make outgoing calls

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No VM and can't make outgoing calls

Really weird ... I had a call that went to VM, when I tried to retrieve it, I got a dial tone, dialed *99 and then the phone went dead. Then, in trying to make a phone call, again I had a dial tone, dialed the # and it went dead again. I got my 2nd phone and called the main phone, it rang after a long delay, but kept ringing and never went to VM. I see other msgs about dropped calls, but I have a dial tone ... all seems fine until after the # is dialed ... can't even check VM from my phone.  This just started within the last hour.  I can't call Comcast and I can't get on chat.

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Re: No VM and can't make outgoing calls

No voice mail nd cannot make outgoing call. Made a phone call and no call back. Really Comcast!!!!!!