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Comcast Cancelled my Order & LIED ABOUT THE REASON

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Comcast Cancelled my Order & LIED ABOUT THE REASON

Well, guess I'm going somewhere else...  Just got off "chat" with a rep, the rep "called" to see about getting further information, and the rep was told that my order was cancelled by Xfinity Mobile.  The rep said that Xfinity emailed me for verification and that I responded with incorrect information.  THIS NEVER HAPPENED.  I never received any verification email from Comcast, and I have not emailed them at all. 

I have been in touch with Xfinity Mobile every day since my order, except yesterday, and was always told that there is nothing holding my order back.  I even have a ticket in for a Tier 2 escalation call back, which I never received.  I have also received no refund for the $90+ they charged me for and have not refunded, which I have now paid interest on on my credit card, and I bet if they do refund my money, they won't refund the extra money that I paid my credit card, for an item that was never shipped.


Todays transcript, unaltered except for my personal details, marked out with an "x":

Chat started on 30 Jun 2017, 06:15 PM (GMT+0)


*** ADAM joined the chat ***


ADAM: Checking on Order # xxxxx, ordered 6/20. I also have ticket number xxxxxx, and have not received any call back or message from anyone.


ADAM: I have been told there is only a 3-day turnaround time, yet I am 10 days after my order, my card was charged, and I still don't have anything.


Customer Service: Due to the overwhelming demand for XFINITY Mobile, shipment of your order may be delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience and will expedite your order at no charge once it's ready to ship. If you have other questions about your order or need help with something else, please hold for the next Chat XFINITY Mobile Specialist.


*** Gerry Robinson joined the chat ***


Gerry Robinson: Hello, ADAM! And, thank you for contacting XFINITY Mobile. My name is Gerry Robinson. I would be happy to assist you today!


ADAM: Your rep on the forums said I would receive a call from somone


ADAM: never did


*** Gerry Robinson left the chat ***


ADAM: What the he l l ? Gerry Robinson joined the chat and left immediately, without even responding?!


*** Gerry Robinson joined the chat ***


Gerry Robinson: Hey sorry


Gerry Robinson: We had two people enter at the same time. So that I why I left


*** ADAM has rated the chat Bad ***


*** ADAM has commented: Gerry Robinson came in the chat and left immediately. I guess Gerry didn't want to talk to a customer wanting an update after being made to wait 10 days so far after being given the same story it should have shipped already. REDICULOUS! ***


ADAM: I want to know what is going on. I am beyond frustrated at this point


Gerry Robinson: account number please


ADAM: (xxx) xxx-xxxx


ADAM: Adam xxxxxx


ADAM: xxxx Xxxxx Xx., Xxxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx


ADAM: xxxx-last 4 of card


ADAM: Order and ticket number are above


Gerry Robinson: Let me pull that up


Gerry Robinson: There is no update to your account. Have you checked your email including the junk folder for any additional email notices. If not please check and let me know


ADAM: Yes I have checked, and received my order confirmation email, and all other comcast emails


ADAM: Why is there no update. I have been told it should have shipped by now


ADAM: I paid 10 days ago, it wasn't supposed to charge my card until it shipped, charged anyway


ADAM: I have been very patient


ADAM: I want an update NOW on this and why it hasn't shipped as I was told, even during chat's.


Gerry Robinson: I do not know why it has not shipped. They have just advised us that they are working hard to full fill orders. This is the reason for the delay


ADAM: As I mentioned to a rep in the forums, I'm about to just cancel my order and go with another carrier.


ADAM: This is rediculous


Gerry Robinson: Adam I do understand. We have chatted before about this very issue. I did escalated this to the Tier 2 Team. I know that they are working hard to get resolutions to customers like yourself.


ADAM: I remember your name


ADAM: and probably have the transcript.


Gerry Robinson: I do


ADAM: I have received nothing from tier 2


ADAM: I am tired of being patient.


ADAM: tired of the lies


Gerry Robinson: If you want to hold I can try to call them. It is a long wait time. Then I maybe able to give you more information.


ADAM: like I mentioned in the forums, if Comcast would've been honest when ordering, or at ANY point after that, it would avoid so many frustrated people


ADAM: sure, I can wait


Gerry Robinson: ok I will come back from time to time and let you know


ADAM: Thank you


Gerry Robinson: It did say that it is about 1 hour wait time.


ADAM: I'll be here, I'm at work


Gerry Robinson: ok great!


ADAM: I may run to the break room in 30 minutes or so, but I'll let you know first


Gerry Robinson: ok


Gerry Robinson: Again Adam I am sorry that I disconnect the chat before but two of entered at the same time then left at the same time.


Gerry Robinson: That is why I jumped back onto it


*** ADAM has removed the chat rating ***


ADAM: I appreciate you letting me know, was wondering what happened, was going to leave poor feedback, just removed that though


Gerry Robinson: Thank you I do appreciate that.


Gerry Robinson: Still holding


ADAM: thanks


Gerry Robinson: Just letting you I am still on hold


ADAM: Ok, thank you


Gerry Robinson: Just so that you know. I honestly do not expect them to ship the phones out today. But I am working why this has not happened yet.


ADAM: Thank you


ADAM: I do want to know why phones are not shipping if they are in stock in the warehouse


Gerry Robinson: I just did not want to set an expectation just yet


ADAM: I wish my local Comcast store could've handled this purchase...


ADAM: I understand


Gerry Robinson: Adam, If I remember right you do not have a contact number is this correct?


ADAM: I do, my contact number is (xxx) xxx-xxxx


Gerry Robinson: ok perfect


Gerry Robinson: Adam are you still with me?




Gerry Robinson: ok


Gerry Robinson: I am still on hold.


ADAM: ok, thanks for the heads up. Would it be ok if I stepped away for about 4-5 minutes, there is a call I need to make


Gerry Robinson: May I ask do you work tomorrow?


Gerry Robinson: wait


ADAM: No, I don't work tomorrow


ADAM: Our office is closed.


Gerry Robinson: ok


Gerry Robinson: They are on the phone now


ADAM: Oh ok, I'll wait to make that call


Gerry Robinson: Adam this is just what I found out.


ADAM: (I'm still here)


Gerry Robinson: When you received the email from Xfinity Mobile and you responded back. The information that they requested was not correct. So the the review team cancelled it.


Gerry Robinson: I wish I would of had that information before now.


ADAM: Uhh, I never received any email from Xfinity, and I never responded to any email


ADAM: what the he l l


Gerry Robinson: what is the email on file for you?


ADAM: If they cancelled my order, I'm not going to re-order, I'll go somewhere else that can actually handle this




Gerry Robinson: Let me verify this.


ADAM: Yeah, this is rediculous


Gerry Robinson: I am just verifying everything for you ok




ADAM: Yeah, I am curious to this explanation now, this is absurd


ADAM: Who are they emailing about my account, why wasn't this known before, I've been in touch EVERY DAY except yesterday


Gerry Robinson: They told me that an email that was sent to you. The answers came back as being incorrect.


ADAM: They did not send me an email


ADAM: And I did not respond to an email I never received


Gerry Robinson: I wonder what the deal is then.


ADAM: I want to know what email they are sending MY INFO to






Gerry Robinson: This is the email that I show on file


Gerry Robinson:




ADAM: They NEVER sent any verification to that email, and I did not respond to an email I did not receive.




ADAM: And if they cancelled my order, then why did they not inform anyone, and why have they kept the $95.61 I paid to them


ADAM: ?!?!!?


ADAM: That is a crime, it's called theft.


Gerry Robinson: Adam. The only thing that I can suggest at this point is call and wait for them and speak to our Tier 2 support team and see what they say. I just do not have better information for you.


ADAM: You realize Xfinity is lying and now stealing from me, correct?


ADAM: As well as potentially providing my PERSONAL information to a stranger, if they did in fact send an email, it wasn't to me.


Gerry Robinson: I am at a total loss of word for you. I just do not have any good answers for you now.


ADAM: Well, where is my money?!?!


ADAM: If my order is cancelled, why doesn't it say that on the Xfinity Mobile Account page, and WHERE THE HE L L IS MY REFUND?!?!


Gerry Robinson: I can send that information over to get you the refund.






Gerry Robinson: No what I am saying is that I will send the information over to get you the refund.


Gerry Robinson: As to how long it takes to refund that I do not have an answer to


ADAM: A refund should have been automatic when they cancelled the order. This is absolutely unbelievable.


ADAM: I am LIVID that they are LYING about contacting me and receiving a response from me.


ADAM: That is completely unacceptable


Gerry Robinson: I have been trying to find out any other information for you have not been able to.


Gerry Robinson: If you want to speak with our Tier 2 support team you can call and speak with them regarding this issue. In the mean time I am checking to see if I can do a refund or not. If I cannot then I will get the information over to someone that can.


ADAM: You realize this is a law suit waiting to happen?


ADAM: That's all I'm going to say about that


Gerry Robinson: I cannot speak to anything like that. I can only speak to you about this specific issue.


ADAM: Well Gerry, I guess there is nothing else to discuss then. I appreciate you looking into this for me. I know (believe) that it is not you, and appreciate you trying to cover your employers b u t t by making sure I get refunded.


ADAM: Since my order was erroneously cancelled, looks like I'll be going elsewhere.


Gerry Robinson: Adam one option if you chose. Not saying you will is that we today was given a list a stores that have opened. If you like I can check to see if there is one near you.


ADAM: Sure, but online already says "coming soon" to the xxxxxxxxxxxx, CA store


ADAM: So it doesn't look good


Gerry Robinson: Is there a city close to that?


ADAM: Yes, many of them


Gerry Robinson: I just do not know Cailf.


ADAM: I don't think there are any close besides xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, CA - xxxxxxxxxxx St. Store


Gerry Robinson: Can you give me the name of a few


ADAM: xxxxxxxxxxxxx, CA


Gerry Robinson: I have a new updated list today


ADAM: There is a store there. Can you check and see about xxxxxxxxxxxxx, CA and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, CA


ADAM: You know, through all this, they claim to have contacted me, yet I have a trouble ticket in, and still have never received a call back.


ADAM: Nothing they are saying makes any sense, it's just unbelievable such a big company can have their heads so far up....


Gerry Robinson: Adam it actually looks like it will not happen until August 3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 8/3/17 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8/3/17


Gerry Robinson: The date at the end is when they expect to open


ADAM: well, thanks for checking, but I figured as much


ADAM: Ok, I'm going to lunch now. Thank you for your "help", I know (believe) you did the best you could do for me.


Gerry Robinson: Again I am very sorry


ADAM: I don't think this is your fault, but Comcast does need to be held liable for their actions.


ADAM: Have a nice 4th of July


Gerry Robinson: you do the same as well


Gerry Robinson: thank you


Gerry Robinson: bye


*** ADAM has commented: Comcast apparently cancelled my order without EVER contacting me. They claim they contact me and I responded with incorrect responses, but this NEVER happened. ***


*** ADAM left the chat ***




Re: Comcast Cancelled my Order & LIED ABOUT THE REASON

I love how there was a Comcast rep on the forums posting after I posted this thread, and they didn't even comment... (rolls eyes)   Makes me even happier with my decision to go elsewhere...

Official Employee

Re: Comcast Cancelled my Order & LIED ABOUT THE REASON

Hi otis_bartleh, thanks for reaching out about your XFINITY Mobile order. Can you send me your full name and account address via PM so I can take a look into this? Just click my name and click "private message me". 



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Re: Comcast Cancelled my Order & LIED ABOUT THE REASON

otis_bartleh, thanks for reaching out. I hope we have a bring your own phone program soon. I encourage you to visit for updates. 


I am an Official Comcast Employee.
Official Employees are from multiple teams within Comcast: CARE, Product, Leadership. We ask that you post publicly so people with similar questions may benefit from the conversation.
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