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on demand "hot potato"

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on demand "hot potato"

Okay I can accept that what shows up on demand is up to the networks but the fact shows that had been added suddenly disspear only to reappeared it starting to annoy me. why is this? are the networks taking some of sick pleasure playing hot Potato with their shows taking them down at random intervals or do you people have a glitch in your system you refuse to see?


examples: I watched riverdale last night and the CW logo and 57 min thing in the info box suddenly vanished.


I just got done watching the magicans and when it returned to episode selection the only things still there were remind, favorite and other times and unlike other times this has happened restarting did nothing to bring them back.


and finally when the restart works and the shows reappeared it only a temporary fix as fifteen to thrity mins later the shows vanish again


is a sync issue with the data and for whatever reason it won't stay in your systems? are you tech monkeys because I complained about this issue before.


I am sick of this fix this glitch! 


Re: on demand "hot potato"

Hi honorableninja -- Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I reviewed these programs however I am not showing any sync issues with them. Has this continued with each of them since reporting this issue?