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Xfinity On Demand with Tivo Bolt


Xfinity On Demand with Tivo Bolt

This has probably already been covered -- if it has, my apologies. 


I had the X1 DVR and just substituted it for the Tivo Bolt. Everything is working propertly except the On-Demand. As I understand it, there should be an icon like the Hulu and Netflic ones but there is not. 


Is there any secret to accessing the In Demand? If not, do I call Tivo or Comcast?

Thank you



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Re: Xfinity On Demand with Tivo Bolt


The Comcast Team available to the Forums has been alerted to your issue. Expect a reply in this thread or via Private Message.

The Support Forums are "public" forums and you should not post identifiable information - (full name, account number, address, phone numbers & email addresses).  Users of these forums are Comcast customers, the same as you & me and volunteer their time to assist with the issues and/or problems that you may be experiencing. Comcast Official Employees (OE) are identified with RED lettered User Names. Comcast Appointed Experts are identified with GREEN lettered User Names.


Re: Xfinity On Demand with Tivo Bolt

Hi humphreys007 -- I refreshed entitlements on your card. If that doesn't help, I will need your pairing information to further troubleshoot. You can send that information to me in a private message. This is what I would need:


Cablecard Serial #

Unit Address

Host ID

Data ID


Click my name (ComcastZach) and click Private Message Me. 

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Re: Xfinity On Demand with Tivo Bolt

Everything works on my new Tivo Bolt Vox except for XFINITY On Demand. Please help!