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World Cup On Demand and Spoilers

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World Cup On Demand and Spoilers


Like others I'm a big fan of the world's game who looks forward to the World Cup every four years. Unfortunately, also like others, my work day doesn't neatly fit around the games. Huzzah! We've invented DVR (I remember manually setting a VCR(!) for the games in Japan/Korea back in '02)!

This is great, I set DVR to record the games, I don't even have to think about it. I go to work in the morning and when I get home in the evening there they are for me to enjoy.

A lot of work goes in to navigating my day in such a way that I can avoid any spoilers when it comes to results. The elevators in my office building, the ad-boards at the commuter train station, coworkers who's native countries are participating...I work hard to come home and enjoy the games with a blank slate.


Unfortunately as soon as I open up my app to watch on my tablet the first thing I see is a giant icon for the FIFA World Cup under "Featured" that contains the headline "Japan, Senegal Pull Off Major Upsets". I get it, this is a thing you think I might want to watch, you want it to be easy for me to find. But can we find a way do it without spoiling the results right on the front page?

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Re: World Cup On Demand and Spoilers

Agree. Sports is the ultimate Reality TV. To give away the result from a platform allowing game viewing after the fact is lack of awareness. What’s next, on-Demand for America’s Got Talent saying which act got a Golden Buzzer? Or revealing who got a Rose on The Bachelor?

As an alternative, The Fox Sports Go app allows you to stream all the games on replay, and it doesn’t reveal the result. And, unlike the Xfinity Streaming app, it allows Screen Mirroring to your TV from your phone via one of those Lightning to Digital AV Adapter doohicks.