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Why do some on-demand episodes cost money??

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Why do some on-demand episodes cost money??

I recently started watching street outlaws and got to the end of season 2 where Comcast wants me to pay to watch s2 ep7 and ep8. This show originally aired in 2014.

I just skipped them and moved to season 3. I got all episodes free except the last one. All of season 4 was free. What bothers me is season 5 ep1 is free, ep2 is buy, then the rest of season 5 is free. Why random pay episodes? Why do I have to pay for an old show? It’s on a the discovery channel, which is included in my overpriced package already so why do you think it’s okay to treat customers like this?
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Re: Why do some on-demand episodes cost money??

They did the same thing with Gotham. I had quit watching it because of it. They now have Gotham on Netflix. One of these days I'll start watching again.


It's sad when you pay almost $200.00 a month for a service and they still want to charge more.

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Re: Why do some on-demand episodes cost money??

Hello, Shamroc1 and jr90616! Welcome to the Xfinity Forums.

The content available On Demand is provided to us by the networks. The programming availability, pricing, and broadcast are subject to their discretion. 

I hope this information helps. Let me know if you have any further questions I can help with. 

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