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Walking Fit with Kendra Kemerly

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Walking Fit with Kendra Kemerly

Hi, A month or two ago I wrote about not being able to get Kendra Kemerly's walking fit at Fifty on Demand. I called Exfinity and was given the answer that it's no longer available. I noted in the forum that others had the same information. So, I subscribed to Giam. BUT, I just didn't find a walking workout that I likes.


Well, yesterday I had the pleasure of working with Allysa and she found out how I can get Kendra Kemerly's walking workouts. It's only available with a certain level of service. I switched to Select Double Play (which was about the same money as I was paying) $99.99. Now, when I go to On Demand, Life, I can scroll down to More Fitness and click on Walking Fit at Fifty and there are 18 different walks with Kendra for me to choose from.

All it took was Allysa taking the time to really investigate how to find it. It's employees like Allysa who restore my faith in large companies.

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Re: Walking Fit with Kendra Kemerly

Cyndimom, so happy to hear of your great experience with Allysa! We value your business and if you ever need further assistance, feel free to post again.