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Unauthorized Charges Despite PIN and Password Changes

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Unauthorized Charges Despite PIN and Password Changes

Hoping someone here can help me as 8 hours worth of time with customer support over the past 4 months has been useless.     For 4 weeks now, we have been getting unauthorized OnDemand movies charged to our account despite having parental controls and PIN set.    When calling, they tell me it was ordered and viewed (and won't credit my account).  They also can't tell me where it was watched (they know it was not on my X1 box as they can see legitimate OnDemand viewings that show my box).


I am fed up with the lack of understanding of the situation and ability to escalate by representatives.    There has to be some sort of record of who initiated a purchase (box or logged in user to an app, or IP Address).....yet I am getting nothing in the form of support.   Just the same old response of wanting to reset my PIN and passwords, etc.


For the time being we have have put a $0 credit for purchases on the account, but this is not a long term solution as we have to call everytime we want to order something.


Thank you