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TV shows missing episodes

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TV shows missing episodes

Why are there random missing episodes of currently airing TV shows?? Epi 1 is there, epi 2 is missing, but epi 3 is there. WTH?? I want to watch Major Crimes but episodes are missing. I want to watch The Shannara Chronicles but episodes are missing. And on and on. Anyone?

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Re: TV shows missing episodes

We have noticed the same thing and it's frustrating!  We have found that sometimes the missing episodes can be found by using the search box, even though they don't all appear under the network heading of the show or the name of the show heading. 


We all pay a lot for cable - even just the basics - and that should include easily accessible On Demand content that appears shortly after a program airs.  


It is beyond lame that if you complain to Comcast about this problem, they try to blame it on the networks.  Comcast is the one that contracts with the networks and Comcast should make sure the networks get stuff up On Demand timely and properly!


It would be nice if Comcast had a special number to call, a special email address, etc - some easy way to get a message to Comcast about something missing or wrong with an On Demand item...where someone would actually monitor the messages and get things fixed!


Comcast - is anyone with authority and ability to get problems fixed reading this?