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Starz’ Camelot missing episode 10

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Starz’ Camelot missing episode 10

Folks in my household decided they want to watch Camelot. Before investing their time, they checked if all episodes were available. They discovered that the final (tenth) episode is missing from both the non-X1 listing and Xfinity streaming app listing. Please work to restore this.

Subscribing to premium channels through Comcast has become a growing concern. Our household is debating our options because of numerous missing premium show episodes over the past year.

In the spirit of avoiding that (generally I do like Comcast and want to stay here and not get overruled by others in the house), I direct Comcast rep attention to another premium channel problem not yet acknowledged by the staff:

Thanks in advance for getting attention of and fixes by the On Demand Support Team.
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Re: Starz’ Camelot missing episode 10

Anybody have extra information or advice?

Camelot S1E10 finale is still missing from Comcast’s On Demand. So, I called both Comcast and Starz. In summary:

Starz rep was 100% adamant that they do not restrict Comcast from airing any of their original programming.

Comcast rep said that the absence of any given Starz original series episode from On Demand was an indicator that Starz prohibited it. (For whatever odd reason.)

Somebody’s wrong. Both reps can’t be correct. Help! We’re not going to start wTching a series we can’t see the end of!

P.S. very similar situation with HBO missing episodes a few months back. HBO claiming no restrictions, Comcast saying otherwise. That thread linked for reference, fwiw...

Re: Starz’ Camelot missing episode 10

I think we both know the real answer. Both companies are giving their standard "official allowed answer" for their part. Which is basically true.


The owner's of the show have full control if and when any particular episode is shown either on a regular channel: OTA, cable, On Demand, where ever.  It is a game the owner's of shows have been playing ever since there has been more than one choice on where their shows can be shown.


I gave up worrying about this problem years ago. Continual complaining just drives up the cost of our watching television since more employees are involved just answering complaints. Nothing as changed in how it works since television first was introduced.


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Re: Starz’ Camelot missing episode 10

Let me put it another way. Signing up for any premium channel, then finding gaps in the On Demand original programming, goes to not fulfilling what a layman would reasonably expect:

I don’t agree with parts of your statement above, but whenever I write a contrary view, you delete it. So I’ll refrain. But it makes for an extremely unhelpful dialogue, contrary to the purpose of a user forum.

Most of the time, Comcast does eventually fix situations like this. (See older chains on Counterpart, True Blood, Sopranos, etc.). Unclear why it’s different here.
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Re: Starz’ Camelot missing episode 10

As I keep saying, it is not Comcast or Starz policy to limit premium channel original series episodes from On Demand. At long last, Camelot E10 is finally available.

But it happened a day late. Before I checked today, I received an e-mail from Comcast regarding an earlier call. I had been refused any corrective actions by the phone rep, which I chose not to mention in this chain.

My reply to Comcast just now might have repercussions. I expressed my outrage (civilly) about:
- refusal by the phone rep to acknowledge a problem
- the accusation of time-wasting in this forum thread

If they call me back for more info, I will discuss deleted posts from earlier as other bad acts.

But 20 days later, this is fixed.