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Standard Users no longer are supported

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Standard Users no longer are supported

Unfortunately I am having major issues with my service over the past few days.
I had a RNG100 box, which typically resets itself and/or needs a refresh phone call from me to your Robo Lady on most Sundays as OnDemand locks up.  I am assuming you do an update on Saturday/Sunday timeframe that causes this.  This past Sunday we received a "Err 14" message while trying to access OnDemand.  I called (again) and the Rob Lady said she was sending a signal.  No refresh signal came through.  I called back and the Robo Lady sent another refresh (still didn't come through) while I was trying to get an agent.  The agent did get a refresh signal to go through and still the ERR 14.  She suggested I get a replacement box.
On Monday, I was able to go online chat to see about a replacement box.  The Agent tried to upgrade me to X1, which I don't want as I do not like the pictograph OnDemand menu.  He said he would resend the signal and refresh and if that didn't work to go to the store to get a replacement box.  Unfortunately the store is about 45 minutes from my house so I was trying avoid going there.  Monday night, once I got home from work, his signal came through, but we were still experiencing the ERR 14.  No one can tell me what the ERR 14 message means.
On Tuesday, I took our RNG100 box to the store and received a replacement RNG100.  Once home and it was set up, the box would not power on.  All it would do was a constant clicking.  I called customer service, and while on hold I emailed the CSR at the store who gave me the replacement.  Luckily he lives near me and offered to bring out yet another RNG100 box.  The customer service agent at your 800 number was unable to help me and only told me to go back to the store.  The local CSR dropped of the 2nd replacement box and it would not power on either.  I understand these are old boxes that you (apparently) no longer support.  In the meantime we moved one of our small $5.99 boxes to our main tv to at least be able to watch something.  I had to call customer service again to get this box reactivated to work.
On Wednesday, I went back to the store, another 45 minute trip, and was given a RNG150 box as they didn't want to take their chances with another RNG100.  I was able to get this one powered on and had to call customer service to get it activated (automated activation would not work so I had to speak with an agent).  Yay!! the box powered on and channels were seen.  We went to our 800 channels as we had been able to view them with our original RNG100 box (the picture fits the tv screen better) and it now says I am not authorized as I need HD service.  I called customer service yet again and was informed that I would have to pay an additional $10 to access these channels.  I did not approve anything additional at that time.  Unfortunately, any lower channels viewed through an HD box are fuzzy as that is the nature of HD so my service was still not restored to what it was.
On Thursday, I called in to customer service to speak with someone in retention to see if they could help with my problems.  The rep told me that I should never have been able to view the HD channels on my RNG100 as I have not been paying for the service and the only way to get these channels would be to pay the additional $10.  I asked her if she had ever watched standard channels through an HD box, and she said "no, she prefers HD and her box automatically redirects".  She said the only thing she could do for me is to send me to technical support to see if they can find a working RNG100 or I can pay the additional $10. 
I spoke with technical support (now being on the phone for over an hour) and he said the only option would be to go to the store to see if they have a RNG100 box or he can try to troubleshoot the RNG150 box over the phone or send a technician to my house.  I explained the fuzziness is because I am trying to watch standard channels through a HD box, so there is not real way to fix that and no troubleshooting or technician can allow me to view the 800's channels unless they want to pay the additional $10 per month.  I asked to go back to retention, and he said that since he stated the only resolution (as stated above) that retention would not be able to help me any further.
I finally gave in and set up a technician appointment (now I have to leave work early) and requested that the technician bring a replacement RNG100 box.  He said they don't have any in the warehouse, but I mentioned that the technician works in Charlottesville and could stop by the local store and pick one up (as that has been what I have been told multiple times).  We will see what happens.
Unfortunately, I understand that you only want to support your X1 customers, but I do still pay close to $120 per month and expect some level of service, not meaning your agents, as most have been as helpful as possible, with the exception of the retention CSR , but the actual cable service.  
Luckily the technician had a working RNG100 on his truck and that fixed all of my issues. You may want to check on your QA for the replacements that are sent to stores. Also, since you no longer make the RNG100, please let me know what would be a proper replacement for Standard service (ie a HD box will not work optimally).
The technician also let me know that a main module on their system had recently been replaced that affects OnDemand for Standard Users and had been causing problems.  Until it is fixed we will probably still receive the Error 14 message and he's not sure when they plan to fix it.  If I had known there was an overall issue with OnDemand for my service I wouldn't have gone through switching out my box like all of the CSR's suggested.
I just wanted to let you know what I have been through and are still going through for your records.

Re: Standard Users no longer are supported

Up until a year or two ago, cable-companies were required to supply local "over the air"  channels (including HD channels) based on their franchise contracts for each area.

It usually carried a special lower rate, so all people could afford some television coverage, if not in range for using an antenna.


The FCC regulations have expired, along with polititians (local and state) removing regulations to force these low rates.


So now with no regulations to hold prices low, you now need different cable-box for HR service, plus the extra monthly charges for the service. Your older box may have allowed you to still view local HD channels. It's one of the reasons they are always asking people to get the newer cable-boxes.

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Re: Standard Users no longer are supported

Hello StandardUser. Thank you for your feedback regarding your recent service issues. We apologize for any inconvenience and frustration caused. I am glad to hear the visiting technician was able to replace your box and get it working. 


I'll be sure to pass along your sentiments regarding the RNG100 availability.