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See the old style On Demand menus on X1

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See the old style On Demand menus on X1

To Comcast:  The On Demand menus on X1 are EXTREMELY poor.  Besides requiring FAR more presses on the remote control to browse, they show only a small fraction of the things (such as on premium channels) that can be seen on the old ("vintage") menus.  The old menus show pages and pages of movies (more than 100) for every premium channel, single-spaced, while X1 menus show maybe 10 or 20.  X1 menus also show a picture with every listing, which takes up a lot of space on the screen and vastly increases the time needed to find something.  The same is true with finding On Demand programs and movies on the website.  Moreover, the search excludes many things that can be seen with the old system.  I know they are there because I can see them on somebody else's TV on the old menus.  Please make the old system of menus available in X1!  I am EXTREMELY ANGRY about this!  I am not getting my money's worth ($225 a month!).  I have to go to someone else's house (three miles away) to find and watch many things, even though I have exactly the same premium channels as she has. 

To the forum:  If anybody knows a way to see the old-style menus on X1, please tell me.


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Re: See the old style On Demand menus on X1

What’s an example of something you’re having a hard time finding? The old On Demand menus aren’t available on X1.