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Recording wrong channel

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Recording wrong channel

So, for some completely unknown reason, there are TWO CW stations. One is 14, but all it has is a message that says “go to channel 388.” The other one is 388, which has the actual content. I went on demand and hit “record” on my show, so it would record the actual show. I have done this MANY times and had no issue whatsoever. This time, instead of recording on 388 (which has the actual content) I got one hour of a message telling me to go to the other channel (channel 14). I have no way of changing the channel I want it to record on in the On Demand option. It just sets automatically.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot???? I’m ready to switch services. Why even HAVE a channel that doesn’t have content? What’s the point?
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Re: Recording wrong channel

Rather than go through OnDemand, why not just use the regular guide to set the recording on the proper channel?