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Re: Streaming App Freezing/buffering


Since multiple people at multiple locations across the Xfinity/Comcast community are having this streaming freeze issue, it must either be an Xfinity hardware problem in the streaming server, or more likelly a BETA software issue.

This is a problem that has been in BETA for years and, so far,  Xfinity is either unable or unwilling to fix it. Before we recently got our new TV, I use to stream to my Samsung table (running Android) and to my PC (running Windows 10). Both have had the same glitch in BETA.

In 2018, we got a new Samsung SmartTV Model UNS58MU6100 SW version T-KTMAKUC-1250.5. This TV can run the Xfinity BETA streaming software -- Xfinity Stream BETA Version My TV internet connection is hardwired ethernet direct (10 feet) from the TV to an Xfinity Modem . The TV works just fine with Xfinity X1. Netflix and YouTube stream videos with no problems to this device. Xfinity Internet speed to my PC is 68.5 Mbps which is connected wirelessly to the Modem/Router. A hardwired connection should be more than fast enough for streaming, especially when nothing else in the house is on the internet.

When we miss a show on X1 and try to stream it on our new TV using Xfinity Beta, about 90% of the time everything works just fine. However, sometimes the stream locks up.  When that happens, none of the TV controls will make the stream unfreeze, and rebuffer or end the streem so we can start over.  When we finally get out of BETA and restart it, we can re-stream the same show and it will lock up again on exactly the same scene. This implies that the streaming software is sensitive to something in the data stream it is sending. The last episode I watched with this problem is "Gifted" Season 2 Ep 2 unMoored. The error occurs around minute 48 into the 50 minute episode. I ran this show twice and it died on exactlly the same scene both times. This is a repeatable error.  Anyone else who has watched this episode and had the same problem, reply to this post, anyone who has watched this episode without issue reply with the date, type of equipment and software being used to stream the show.  Using this information, the Xfinity IT folks should be able to find & fix this problem, once and for all. Thanks.


Re: Streaming App Freezing/buffering

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