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Playback just stops, Magician's S3 Ep 4

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Playback just stops, Magician's S3 Ep 4

I've been trying to watch The Magicians S3 Ep4. Last night on my main televsion, the playback stopped at 25:47. When I tried to resume, it went back to the start of the show. I decided to try again- same thing. 25:47 the screen freezes and exits, forcing you to start the program from the beginning.


This morning I tried again, this time on my computer (with the sound turned down, because I can't listen to the first 25 minutes again), and playback froze again, at the same spot. I was able to back out and the show icon shows 35 minutes left- so I'm assuming I can resume when this is fixed, but I'm afraid to touch it in case it kicks me back to the beginning again.


Please fix this. It's super frustrating.