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OnDemand is not cutting it.......

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OnDemand is not cutting it.......

I would first like to apologize the I have to air my displeasure on a forum. I don't wish to chat nor talk to a customer service representative at this point in time. I have been a Comcast customer for over ten years and up till now I am questioning the value of service that I’m not getting.


  1. I fail to understand why I can only watch certain shows on my "home" network vs the regular internet. Even worse is on some shows nine out of the ten you can watch anywhere but the one episode. You need to be home?


  1. Lately when I record certain shows the X1 DVR has been jumping forward 20-30 seconds at a time. The shows are not about time travel. It's also funny that it only did it during the show and not commercials. 


  1. I fail to understand why my online DVR will not sync with what is shown at home. I contact customer service and tell them to contact me via email. There has been not one email but they did leave a message on my phone. Not what I asked for!


  1. The online TV schedule does not sync with time zone I am in. Some people travel and I would expect the online TV schedule to reflect the time zone I am in and not what the time my computer is set to.


I also enjoyed the fact that I can send you a letter via postal mail, but I must go to the store to get the address. Mind blown…