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OnDemand TV shows not available the day after airing.

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OnDemand TV shows not available the day after airing.

Okay, I found this chain of Q&A that's over a year old and it says SOLVED, but it isn't solved, it just provides a response that doesn't answer the question. So, I'll be more specific. Yesterday was 2/27/18 and there were seven shows that aired I couldn't watch at the time: Lethal Weapon, NCIS, The Flash, Black Lightning, Bull, NCIS New Orleans & Kevin Probably Saves the World. I keep a list of the shows I couldn't watch at air time, but plan to watch the next day. It's 7:00 AM on 2/28/18 and not one of the shows listed here are available. The shows prior to last nights episodes are available and the shows after last night episodes are available to mark as REMIND, but not last night shows. I pay over $200 a month for cable and OnDemand is one of the features I pay for. If this is what I can expect, I can switch to Hulu for a lot less money and watch the shows I want the next day without having to wait for days. Whats going on Comcast? If this is some sort of marketing ploy to get people to keep watching until they finally get to see the show they're waiting for, let me tell you you need to fire the person who came up with this bright idea, because it has the opposite affect. Right now I'm shopping for a new cable provider. So, without some bogus "Comast doesnt control what airs" response, which is a lie, why have you decided to do this? No, forget that, just fix it, or I'm switching. 


Re: OnDemand TV shows not available the day after airing.

Many shows do not show up until after a 24 hour period. It may be a matter of days depending on: Network, program owners, or Comcast, when, or if, certain episodes get placed in On Demand. What shows up varies between standard cable version and streaming video version of On Demand.


Were did you ever see a promise for every thing to show up the next day. NOT POSSIBLE ! Not in the past, and not in the future, from any company in the business. Time to get a life.