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OnDemand Subscription?!?!

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OnDemand Subscription?!?!

All of a sudden I can no longer watch my shows OnDemand and need a subscription or to pay $2.99 per episode? Are you kidding me...the amount of $$$ I pay each month!!! I have rebooted the cable box- didn’t work. I’m halfway through This Is Us, which was “free” on Wednesday morning and now Comcast wants to charge me $2.99 to watch the remaining 30 minutes?!?!

Re: OnDemand Subscription?!?!

There seem to be some serious problems with the functioning of ON DEMAND (linear version) this morning.


I went to "The Magicians" HD this morning. It showed the first two shows as both Free and and PAY. I chose Free which played fine.


There are either coding problems for program entries, or a really incompetent person entering the information.