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OnDemand Closed Captioning No Longer Works

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OnDemand Closed Captioning No Longer Works

It works for tv but I noticed it's not showing on the OnDemand movies we hVe been renting for the past couple of months. I thought it would correct but it has not. Closed Captioning is showing as on but it is not showing on the screen. Does this mean there is an issue with the box? 

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Re: OnDemand Closed Captioning No Longer Works

Same for me.  I am completely at the will of cc.  I can not enjoy a movie without cc.  The last three movies I rented (new movies like the movie IT) do not have cc.  I have a new box and I know how to turn the cc on and off.  These new movies do not offer cc.  I was online with Xfinity for over an hour trying to get some answers.  Nothing.  All they want to do is tell you how to work the cc options.  I want to see the new Zombiland movie however there is no CC as for the decription.  There it is.  Xfinity isn't making it avaliable for us that are deaf.