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On demand down.

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On demand down.

March 25, 2018, 12:58 P.M. My On Demand has been down for several hours. This happens frequently enough that I may choose to cut my cord soon. Please fix ASAP

Re: On demand down.

My On Demand has been in and out for over a month now. Many people have posted the same promblem here in the forum. I've had a tech out and box replacement even, and hours after that it was again not working. Then it worked for half a day, then it stopped again. It is CURRENTLYnot working here. It seems to be an issue that Comcast is refusing to admit to it being THEIR problem, or even offering some sort of answer on what the issue might be, when it might be addressed. I didn't even get an offer for a credit on my bill when the tech came. Bad customer relations!