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On Demand Rentals - Saved menu

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On Demand Rentals - Saved menu

I found an issue (2nd time) with On Demand rentals and the Saved menu.  I just tried to report to Technical Support as a bug (2nd time) and they did not want to take the time.   I'm leaving the issue here so that another user will not run into this problem. 


1.  I have a PIN is setup for Rentals/Purchases.  This has worked until this specific scenario.


Sunday - 4/1/2018, I ordered a Rental around 5 o'clock.  The movie was not complete viewing at that time due to work call.   

Tuesday - 4/3/2018 - around 7 o'clock, I went to the Saved menu as it keeps the most recent activity and I can return to complete view, etc.  I noted that this movie was still in my queue and had a great deal of time left.  With the movie selected, I clicked on 'OK' to play and the movie picked up where I had left off and I was able to finish.   

Wednesday - 4/4/2018 - 1:31 a.m. I received notification via email that states 'Thank you for your purchase'.   I was charged a 2nd time to view WITHOUT entering a PIN.   I called in to Xfinity customer support and sure enough.  A second charge was made.


I was credited but my concern was the way that the PIN was not 'invoked' at the time the movie was 'selected' to continue to view if it was expired.    I just thought I would share my experience.   As I stated, this is the 2nd time an issue with the PIN and rentals has not actually worked as expected.   Because Technical Support blew me off (in a sense), I am uncertain as to the process now to report the possible bug in the PIN functionality.