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No More Paw Patrol On Demand?

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No More Paw Patrol On Demand?


We have noticed less and less Paw Patrol available on demand and now they are down to two. 

Used to be a lot more. Now I need to use my valuable DVR space (that xfinity needs to increase) to record these shows for my kid. 

It seems there are other Nic Jr shows that are also like this. 

Is there a programming dispute with Nic Jr? 

I also noticed on my Roku the Nic Jr app doesn't list Xfinity as a subscriber option so I can't use that app. 


Please let me know so I can add this nail to the coffin. 



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Re: No More Paw Patrol On Demand?

I'm having the same issue so its most likely some network cr*p with comcast. I am getting super annoyed with on demand requiring pay when we subscribe to these channels!!! Even disney jr shows do it.