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Loud popping from speakers when watching on Xfinity streaming website (PC)

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Loud popping from speakers when watching on Xfinity streaming website (PC)

Not entirely sure where this belongs as it's a strange issue:


I watch Xfinity on-demand programming from the Xfinity website on my PC. That PC is hooked up to my television via HDMI, and my speakers are connected to the TV through a toslink adapter.


I randomly experience VERY loud popping noises from my speakers and my screen will go black. This all happens in 1-2 seconds and then goes back to normal. It comes and goes every few mintues and is incredibly frustrating. It doesn't seem to matter how the content is being viewed: full-screen or not; if the tab is being viewed at the time; if the browser is minimized or maximized.


I would say that this is a hardware issue, but I have tried unplugging/replugging everything. I've also tried using entirely different harware (new HDMI cables, new toslink adapter, new speaker wiring) and nothing works. I've also updated all of the software on my PC that might be responsible, and still no luck.


I should also point out that this ONLY happens on the Xfinity streaming website. I use Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now, and YouTube regularly and have never experienced anything like this on any of those sites. There is something going on with the programming from the Xfinity website that is causing this and it's not clear what.


Thanks in advance for the help.