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Full Frontal - S2 Ep32

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Full Frontal - S2 Ep32

Once more, Comcast is directing people to watch a show that should be available via OnDemand to another time.  Anyone wishing to watch this past Wednesday's (Jan. 24, 2018) episode of "Full Frontal With Samanta Bee" (S2 Ep. 32) is directed to watch the next time it is broadcast.  As has happened with other similar political shows (as was the case recently with last week's "Real Time") it appears that Comcast is engaged in an effort to make it difficult to watch any anti-Trump show via On Demand.  Since this has happened more and more over the past year, I can only presume that perhap Comcast's motive for blocking access to these kinds of shows might somehow be related to corporate merger negotiations and in their not wanting to offend the political powers that be.  Maybe???  Please make said cited show available to those of us who'd like to actually watch a show via On Demand.  


Re: Full Frontal - S2 Ep32

Hi HobokenJoe -- I reviewed this episode and it is showing available. The delay with having this episode available came from a delay with TBS delivering this content to us. This was true for Real Time being delayed as well. Can you confirm you're able to see these episodes now?