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Charging for package programing

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Charging for package programing

They should provide Customer disclosure. Transparency in sales and changes to programming and lower costs of programming offered as customers are getting a lot less for a lot more money, everything is pay per view. Do not close this as people will vent through other social forums thus severely damaging Comcast/Xfinitys' image and credibility. They told me I have been a customer since 2004, I have been a customer since 1989, when they bought out Barden Cable. Still cannot fully comprehend $245.00 monthly to watch a handful of programs or out of no where data limit and I HATE COMMERCIALS, just bombarded with them. That's why I originally got cable television. Why pay for premium programs, HBO etc. if you must pay again for its content. There could be a resurgence of Blockbuster should this trend continue. Regrettably when contract is up, I am gone with the wind. Yes, it is also the Networks and their greed. An agent blasted me, very loyal, informed me I did not understand how much Comcast has to pay for its programming, sure, so pass it all onto their customers as they must make a profit. But, as a result, they are really loosing customers, big time.
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Re: Charging for package programing

Hi Ashrita. We're sorry you feel that way.  We certainly value your business and don't want to see you go. I can assist you with an account review to see if there are any offers available that may better suit your needs. To get started, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can assist you.