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Xfinity nightly updates

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Xfinity nightly updates

Sunday before last, 2:00 am, my Rng 110 is flashing in sequence 1-2-3-4 then flashing the green and blue together.  I assumed this was for an update.  In the morning all four lights on the box were flashing at same time.   When I turned on my tv I got a message:

(not necessarily word for word) ASTB Seattle Software Update.....with a progress bar moving ever so slowly on the last line.

When the red line reached the end the screen turned black...a minute later I get a "no signal" and the box repeated flashing then repeated the "ASTB Seattle update".  Phone Tech support did the usual house reset.......the ASTB Seattle goes through with the progress bar concluding, black signal...  Appointment was scheduled but I turned in old box for the XiD=C the next day, I did a reset and it worked. Cancelled the appointment. The next morning the blue light was off on the box.  Reset did not work.  A tech came over and I explained everything, he did a worked...I explained that I thought the box stops when the nightly update runs or that the ASTB fouled up the tv....?  Whatever...he said everything is okay.  I did not touch tv.  This morning the blue light was did not work....did a reset and it is now working....but I fear tomorrow it will not.