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XR2 remote with JVC sp50m-c TV with sonos

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XR2 remote with JVC sp50m-c TV with sonos

I had Comcast Xfinity installed a month ago, and the tech set up the XR2 remote with my Samsung TV and Sonos sound bar.


I moved TVs and now have a JVC smart TV (SP50M-C).  None of the JVC codes work.  About half of them will eneter correctly (blink green twice), but they won't control the TV.  Half will not enter correctly (blink red then green), regardless of repeated tries.


The 9-9-1 code does not find a code after over 75 Channel-up presses.  After about 20 channel-up presses, the tv will quickly shut off, then turn on (within 1-2 seconds) without me pressing another button.  If I stop programming at that point (press setup), it still doesn't work.  If I try continuing pressing Channel-up after that, the TV just changes channels.


Is there any fix?  Or is the XR2 remote incompatible with the smart TV?