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XR2 Remote Problem with Volume Control Only


XR2 Remote Problem with Volume Control Only

Just this week I noticed the volume control on the XR2 remote won't work consistently anymore. The batteries were changed, the remote was reprogrammed for the Samsung TV, and the volume worked sometimes but only when positioned right in front of the Comcast set box. Until this week I could sit on the sofa at a slight angle, point the remote and control the volume up and down with no problems (i.e., no flashing red light on the ALL POWER button at the top). Now that is impossible unless sometimes I get in front of the set box. The other controls (channel, Xfinity, etc) work right at any position I'm sitting or standing in. This is really a new problem which is annoying. What is the solution (if there is one)? Thanks.
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Re: XR2 Remote Problem with Volume Control Only

I have this same issue. All other buttons work except the volume. I pressed and held the setup button until it turned from red to green, but volume still won't work. Were you able to find a fix or did you end up getting a new remote?