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Weak or No Signal

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Weak or No Signal

I was watching TV (#1) and then all of a sudden there was no picture.  The screen was complete static and it said "Weak or No Signal."  I have tried a multitude of things to try and remedy the problem.  I first made sure all the connections were tight.  This tv #1 and another tv (#2) receive cable from a 2 way splitter.  The other tv (#2) works perfectly fine and has a perfect cable picture.  I took the cable box from tv #1 and attached it to tv #2 and it worked fine. So that eliminates the box being the issue.  I then took the box back to tv #1 and switched out the HDMI cable and the cable that attaches to the cable box from the splitter.  TV #1 is still all static with same message on the screen.  I then switched all the cables back and switched the cables on the splitter.  So I put the cable connection from tv #1 to where tv #2 was connected on the splitter.  Still no picture.  I feel I am out of options so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Weak or No Signal

Confirm you input selector on the TV is still on that HDMI input, and try unplugging the TV from the AC power for a minute so it can fully reset.  


IF you have another HDMI device like a blu-ray to try that HDMI input on that TV might help narrow it down.