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TIVO Support

Every 3-4 months have the EXACT same issue that Comcast cannot resolve.  We have to resolve it for them and they usually don't listen for first 45 mins after a truck role and then when they FINALLY get of the support script and start listening to us the customer.  Always the same issue.


The headend for our address is different than what is standard for this block.  Every 3-4 months the headend association gets wiped out by a network update and re-associated with the headend that is standard for our block.  Our CA channels go to V58 error  when this happen.  The reason this "standard" headend won't work is that it does not support private CA cards in devices like TIVO, the "special" headend we are associated with does. We figured this ALL OUT TWO YEARS AGO.


We tell the phone techs to change the headend when this happens and to make a note in the account.  They don't.  We get to point where they have to do a truck roll.  We get a 3+ hour window killing a Saturday and then a truck roll.   They don't listen, swap CA cards, and then finally listen to us.  Change the head end association with the account and BAM it goes back to working.  


Has anyone had any luck dealing with Tier 2-3 support of the special TIVO desk that can bypass all this ridculous waste of time and money every 3-4 months and get both the support desk to update their approach and get these communication issues between what are suppose to be supported CA cards and Comcast headend?

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Re: TIVO Support

Any response to this yet?


I'm having the same problem